A To Z Selenium Automation Curriculum
[14 Modules - 786 Topics]​

Module 1: Manual/Functional Testing [169 Topics]​

Importance of Customer
Impact of Failures during product development
Mindset of Devloper and QA Tester
What is Software Testing?
Why is Software Testing Important?
Types of Software Testing
What is SDLC?
What is Waterfall Model?
Problem with Waterfall Model
Advantges of Waterfall Model
Disadvantges of Waterfall Model
When to use Waterfall Model?
What is Iterative Model?
Advantges of Iterative Model
Disadvantges of Iterative Model
When to use Iterative Model?
What is Sprial Model?
Advantges of Sprial Model
Disadvantges of Sprial Model
When to use Sprial Model?
What is V Model?
Advantges of V Model
Disadvantges of V Model
When to use V Model
Exhaustive testing is not possible
Defect Clustering
Pesticide Paradox
Early Testing
Testing is context dependent
Testing shows presence of defects
Absence of Error
What is Functional Testing?
Advantages of Functional Testing
Disadvantages of Functional Testing
Types of Functional Testing
What is White Box Testing?
What is Unit Testing?
Why to do Unit Testing?
What is Integration Testing?
Why to do Integration Testing?
Sample Scenario for Integration Testing
Strategies of Integration Testing
What is Big Bang approach?
Advantages of Big Bang approach
Disadvantages of Big Bang approach
What is Incremental approach?
What is Bottom Up approach?
Advantages of Bottom Up approach
Disadvantages Bottom Up approach
What is Top Down approach?
Advantages of Top Down approach
Disadvantages Top Down approach
What is Sandwich Testing?
Best Practices and Guidelines for Integration Testing
What is Smoke Testing?
Why Smoke Testing?
When do we do smoke testing?
Who will do Smoke Testing?
Why do we do smoke testing?
Advantages of Smoke testing
What happens if we don’t do Smoke testing?
What is Sanity Testing?
How to Conduct Sanity Testing?
Difference between Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing
What is Regression Testing?
Need of Regression Testing
How to do Regression Testing?
Types of Regression Techniques
What is Retest All Technique?
What is Regression Test Selection Technique
How to do Prioritization of Test Cases?
How to choose regression testing test cases?
What is System Testing?
Types of System Testing
What is Load Testing?
What is Functional Testing?
What is Recovery Testing?
What is Migration Testing?
What is Usability Testing?
What do you verify in System Testing?
Why is System Testing Important?
What is User Acceptance Testing ?
Need of User Acceptance Testing
Who Performs UAT?
Purpose of UAT
Testing Levels
What is Grey Box Testing?
Examples of Grey Box Testing
Why to do Gray Box Testing?
What is Static testing?
What is Dynamic testing?
What is Exploratory testing?
What is Adhoc testing?
What is STLC?
Phases of STLC
What is Requirement Phase Testing?
Activities in Requirement Phase Testing
Deliverables of Requirement Phase Testing
What is Traceability Matrix?(TM)
What is RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix)?
How to prepare Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)?
Advantage of Requirement Traceability Matrix
What is Test Planning Activities?
Deliverables of Test Planning
What is a Test Plan?
Importance of Test Plan
How to write a Test Plan ?
How to Analyze the product?
What is Test Strategy Document?
How to Define Scope of Testing?
How to Identify Testing Type
How to create Document Risk & Issues?
How to Create Test Logistics?
How to Define Test Objective
What is Test Criteria?
How to define Suspension Criteria?
How to define Exit Criteria ?
What is Resource Planning?
How to plan Human Resource?
How to plan System Resource?
How to plan Plan Test Environment?
How to Schedule Test Case?
How to Estimation Test Case?
What is Test Deliverables?
Testing Deliverables Before Testing
Testing Deliverables During Testing
Testing Deliverables After Testing
What is Test Case Development Phase?
Test Case Development Activities
Deliverables of Test Case Development
What is a Test Scenario?
How to write Test Scenarios?
Why to create Test Scenarios?
When not create Test Scenario?
Tips to Create Test Scenarios
What is a Test Case?
How to Write Test Cases?
Why to create Test cases?
Best Practice for writing good Test Case
What is Test Data in Software Testing?
Why test data should be created before test execution?
Strategies to create Test Data
Types of Test Data for Blackbox Testing
Tips and Tricks to Create Test data
What is Test Environment Setup?
Test Environment Setup Activities
Deliverables of Test Environment Setup
What is Test Execution?
Test Execution Activities
Deliverables of Test Execution
What is Test Cycle Closure?
Test Cycle Closure Activities
Deliverables of Test Cycle Closure
What is Software Testing Technique?
Types of Software Testing Techniques
What is Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) with example?
What is Equivalence Class Partitioning(ECP) with example?
What is Decision Table or Cause-Effect Table with example?
What is State Transition with example?
What is Error Guessing with example?
What is defect?
List of defect tracking tools
What is severity?
What is priority?
Severity vs Priority Matrix
Sample scenarios for severity and priority
Defect reports contents
What is bug or defect life cycle?
What is Defect Resolution?

Module 2 : Agile [35 Topics]

SDLC Model Comparison
What is Agile?
What is Agile Umbrella?
Manifesto for Agile Software Development
12 Agile Principles
What is Scrum?
What is Scrum Framework?
What are all Scrum Roles?
What is Scrum Master Role?
What is Product Owner Role?
What are the Scrum Team Role?
What is User Story ?
Sample User Stories
Benefits with User Stories
What is Epic?
What is Scrum Events?
What is Sprint?
What is Sprint Planning?
What list of activities done during Sprint Planning?
How to conduct Sprint Planning?
What is Daily Scrum Meeting?
Benefits of Daily Scrum Meetings -
What is Scrum Board?
What is Sprint Review?
What is Sprint Retrospective?
What are all the Scrum Artifacts?
What is Product Backlog?
What all makes a Product Backlog?
What is a Sprint Backlog?
What is Sprint Burndown Chart?
What is Sprint Burn Up Chart?
What is User Story Acceptance Criteria?
What is Definition of Done?
What are all Scrum Estimation Techniques?
Sample Estimation using Fibonacci Sequence

Module 3 : JIRA [36 Topics]

How to Sign Up for Jira ?
Create Jira Next-gen Project
Jira Homepage Basics and Introduction
How to Update Personal Settings in Jira
How to Create Issues in Jira
What is Board in Jira Cloud
How to Create Boards in Jira Cloud
How to Configure Board in Jira
How to Add Users in Jira
How to Add User Story in Jira
How to Add Task in Jira
How to Add Subtasks In Jira
How to Create Epic in Jira
How to Add Issues to an Epic in Jira
How to Delete Task in Jira
How to Add Labels in Jira
How to Close Epic in Jira
How to Create Scrum Project In Jira
How to Enable Backlog in Jira
How to Enable Roadmap in Jira
How to Create Product Backlog in Jira
How to Create Sprint Backlog in Jira
How to Create Sprint in Jira
Configure Scrum Board In Jira
How to add Story Points in Jira
How to Close Sprint in Jira
How to Search Issues in Jira
Quick Search in Jira | Quick Search Demo
How to Create Filters in Jira
How to Manage Filters in Jira
How to Create Quick Filters in Jira
What are Dashboards in Jira
How to Create Dashboard in Jira
Reports in Jira
Burndown Chart in Jira
Sprint Report in Jira

Module 4 : Java For Automation [132 Topics]

What is Java ?
What is Java used for?
Key Features of Java
Components of Java
Java Installation in Windows
Eclipse Installation in Windows
Java Installation in Mac
Eclipse Installation in Mac
First Java Program
Different ways to Execute Java Programs
How Java Code Works ?
Java Naming Conventions
What is Java Comments?
What is Variable?
Rules of Declaring Variables
What is Data Types?
Types of Data Types
What is Primitive Data Types?
Sample Program for Data Types
What is Operators ?
What is Assignment Operator?
What is Arithmetic Operator?
What is Equality and Relational Operator Operator?
What is Arithmetic Operator?
What is Conditional Operator?
What is Unary Operator?
Sample Program for Operators
Java Basic Input and Output
If ,ElseIf and Nested If Statement
Switch Statement
For Loop and Nested For Loop Statement
While Loop Statement
Do While Loop Statement
Break Statement
Continue Statement
Important Java Math Methods
Converting the String to Number data type
What is Java String ?
12 Important Java String Methods
What is Array ?
Types of Array in java
How to declare an array?
How to Initialize Arrays?
How to Access Elements of an Array?
Looping Through Array Elements
Advantages & Disadvantages of Arrays.
Important Arrays Methods
What is Exception in Java?
What is Exception Handling?
Types of Java Exceptions
Exceptions Handing using Try...Catch
Exceptions Handing using Try...Catch...Finally
What is throw keyword?
What is OOPS concept?
What is Java Object?
What is Java Class?
Java program using Instance variable
Java program using Static Variables
Java program using Local Variables
What is Java Methods?
What are the advantages of using methods?
Types of Java Methods
Use of Methods
How to create Void Methods?
How to create Methods with return value?
How to create Static Methods?
Calling methods by invoking object
Calling methods without object
What is Inheritance ?
Types of Inheritance
Why to use Inheritance?
Java Program using Single Inheritance
Java Program using Multilevel Inheritance
Java Program using Hierarchical Inheritance
Why Multiple Inheritance is not possible?
What is a Java Constructor?
Rules for creating Java constructor
Types of Java Constructor
Java Program for Default constructor
Java Program for Parameterized Constructor
What is This keyword?
Java Program using This Variable
Java Program using This Method
What is Polymorphism?
Why Polymorphism?
Java Program using Method Overloading
Java Program using Method Overriding
What is super keyword?
Uses of super keyword
Java Program using super keyword
What is Final keyword?
Java Program using Final Variable
Java Program using Final Method
Java Program using Final Class
What is Modifiers ?
Types of Modifiers
Java Program using all the four modifiers
What is Java Abstraction ?
What is Abstract Class ?
Rules for Abstract Class
Java Program using Abstract Class
What is Abstarct Method ?
Java Program using Abstract Method
What is Java Interface?
Important Points for Interface
Implementing an Interface
Extending an Interface
Advantages of Interface in Java
What is Encapsulation?
Why Encapsulation?
Java Program using data hiding
Advantage of Encapsulation
What is Apache POI used for?
How to download and setup Apache POI library?
How to read & write excel file using Java?
What is Collection in Java?
What is Collection framework?
Why Java Collection ?
Disadvantage of Collections
Hierarchy of Collection Framework
Wrapper classes in Java
What is Autoboxing?
What is Unboxing?
What is list Interface?
Sample program using Array List
What is Set Interface?
Sample program using HashSet
What is Queue Interface?
What is Map Interface?
Sample program using HashMap
What is HashTable?
Sample program using HashTable

Module 5 : Selenium WebDriver 3 [166 Topics]

Objectives of Automation Testing
When to use Automation ?
When to not use Automation ?
List of Automation tools
What is Selenium ?
Components of Selenium
What is Selenium IDE ?
How to Install Selenium IDE ?
Record sample scenario using Selenium IDE
Advantages of Selenium IDE
What is Selenium WebDriver?
List of Browser Selenium WebDriver Supports
What is Headless Browser?
List of Operating System Selenium WebDriver Supports
List of Programming Selenium WebDriver Supports
Advantages of Selenium WebDriver
Disadvantages of Selenium WebDriver
What is Selenium Grid?
What is Hub?
What is Server?
Overview of Selenium RC
History of Selenium
Pre-Requisite to Learn Selenium WebDriver
Architecture of selenium webdriver
What is WebElement?
How object identification works?
How to Inspect a Web Element in Chrome ,Edge and Firefox ???
Inspecting using Developer tools
Selenium Webdriver Setup
What is findElement method?
What is By mechanism?
What is findElement method?
What is locators ?
Practical Implementation of NAME locator
Practical Implementation of ID locator
Practical Implementation of LINK TEXT locator
Practical Implementation of PARTIAL LINK TEXT locator
Practical Implementation of XPATH locator
Practical Implementation of CSS SELECTOR locator
Practical Implementation of TAGNAME locator
Practical Implementation of CLASSNAME locator
Xpath vs CSS Selector
How to launch the URL ?
How to verify the page title ?
How to verify the current URL ?
How to verify the page Source?
How to close the application?
How to quit the application ?
Difference between Close and Quit
How to navigate to specific page?
How to activate forward button in the browser?
How to activate backward button in the browser?
How to refresh the page?
How to verify the Edit box is displayed?
How to verify the Edit box is enabled?
How to enter a value in Edit box ?
How to clear value in the Edit box?
How to retrive value from the Edit Box?
Difference between GetAttribute and GetText method
How to verify the Button is displayed?
How to verify the Button is enabled?
How to click on any Button?
How to handle Submit Button ?
How to verify the Checkbox is displayed?
How to verify the Checkbox is enabled?
How to verify the Checkbox is selected?
How to select the Checkbox ?
How to Unselect the Checkbox?
How to verify the Radio Button is displayed?
How to verify the Radio Button is enabled?
How to verify the Radio Button is selected?
How to select the Radio Button?
Types of Image
How to verify the Image is displayed?
How to verify the Image is enabled?
How to Click Image ?
How to get the value of the Image ?
What is Text Message?
What is positive Scenario?
What is negative Scenario?
How to verify the message is displayed?(Positive and Negative Scenario)
How to retrieve the message ?(Positive and Negative Scenario)
How to verify the Dropdown is displayed?
How to verify the Dropdown is enabled?
How to select value using SelectByVisible Method?
How to select value using SelectByValue Method?
How to select value using SelectByIndex Method?
What is findelements method?
How to display all the values in the dropdown?
What is Multiselect Dropdown?
How to select multiple values in the dropdown?
How to unselect multiple values in the dropdown?
How to unselect all values in the dropdown?
How to unselect all values in the dropdown?
How to verify the link is displayed?
How to click Iink using link text locator ?
How to click Iink using partial link text locator ?
When to use link and partial link text locator?
How to display all the links in the webpage?
What is Authentication ?
How to handle Authentication using Selenium Code?
What is Frame?
How to handle multiple frames using Index ?
How to handle multiple frames using Frame name ?
What is Actions Class?
How to Right Click on a button?
How to Double Click on a button?
How to use Tool Tips ?
How to Drag and Drop object?
Selecting Multiple Values using Mouse event
What is Mouse hover ?
How to select value from Menu List?
How to select value from SubMenu List?
What is Action Interface?
How to implement Keyboard interactions?
How to perform series of keyboard Actions?
What is Alert Popup ?
Types of Alert Popup?
How to handle Alert Box?
How to handle Confirm Alert Box?
How to handle Prompt Alert Box?
How to verify the text in Alert Popup?
How to launch Chrome Browser ?
How to launch FireFox Browser?
How to handle Multiple Browsers?
How to handle Multiple Message Windows?
How to handle Multiple Tabs?
What is Static and Dynamic WebTable?
How to Identify static Webtable ?
How to retrieve the data from Static Webtable?
How to Identify dynamic Webtable ?
How to extract all the values from dynamic webtable?
How to perform particular action in dynamic webtable?
Why Is It Important To Capture Screenshots In Selenium Testing?
How To Take A Screenshot Using Selenium Webdriver?
Importance of Apache Common io jar files
How to Identify the Date Field Dynamically ?
How to create reusable methods for selecting Dynamic Date
What is Synchronization in Automation ?
Reason for Failure
Types of Wait Statement in Selenium
How to implement Implicit Wait ?
How to implement Explicit Wait?
How to implement Fluent Wait ?
How to implement Page Load Timeout?
How to implement Thread Sleep ?
What is X Path ?
Types of X Path ?
What is Absolute Xpath?
What is Relative Xpath?
Creating xpath using Basic XPath
Creating xpath using OR and AND Operator(multiple attributes)
Creating xpath using Contains() method
Creating xpath using Starts-with function
Creating xpath using Text() method
Creating xpath using Text() and Contains() method together
Creating xpath axes methods using Following
Creating xpath axes methods using Following-sibling
Creating xpath axes methods using Parent
Creating xpath axes methods using Child
Creating xpath axes methods using Preceding
Creating xpath axes methods using Ancestor
Creating xpath axes methods using Descendant
What is a Modal Dialog Box?
Handling Modal Dialog Box using Selenium WebDriver
Scrolling on a web page using JavaScriptExecutor

Module 6 : Apache Maven Build Tool [16 Topics]

What is Build Tool?
Problem Without Maven
Maven Setup
What is Maven?
Features of Maven
Overview on Maven - POM
Plug-In Management
What is Build Lifecycle?
What is Clean Lifecycle?
Creating Maven Project with Eclipse IDE
Build & Test Maven Project
Selenium Test Case in Maven Project
TestNG Test Case in Maven Project
POM configuration to Execute TestNG xml file
Executing Maven Project from Command Line
Executing Maven Project as .bat file

Module 7 : TestNG Framework [106 Topics]

What is a Framework
Types of Automation Framework
What is Linear Automation Framework?
Advantages of Linear Automation Framework
Disadvantages of Linear Automation Framework
What is Modular Driven Framework?
Advantages of Modular Driven Framework
Disadvantages of Modular Driven Framework
What is Data Driven Testing Framework?
Advantages of Data Driven Testing Framework
Disadvantages of Data Driven Testing Framework
What is Keyword Driven Testing Framework?
Advantages of Keyword Driven Testing Framework
Disadvantages of Keyword Driven Testing Framework
What is Keyword Driven Testing Framework?
Advantages of Keyword Driven Testing Framework
Disadvantages of Keyword Driven Testing Framework
What is Hybrid Testing Framework?
Advantages of Hybrid Testing Framework
Disadvantages of Hybrid Testing Framework
What is Behavior Driven Development Framework?
Advantages of Behavior Driven Development Framework
Disadvantages of Behavior Driven Development Framework
What is TestNG?
Why to use TestNG ?
From where TestNG Inspired?
Who developed TestNG ?
TestNG Features and its Benefits
Installing TestNG in Eclipse
First Test Case With TestNG
What is the Execution Procedure of TestNG Program?
What are TestNG Annotations?
Types of TestNG Annotations
Why to use Annotations?
Hierarchy In TestNG Annotations
What is the Execution Sequence of @Test Annotation?
How to Sequence/Prioritize the TestNG program based on Requirement?
What will happen if Test Annotation with Same Priorities?
How to Skip/Ignore test case using enabled Parameter?
What is Hard Dependency(dependsOnMethods)?
How Single and Multiple Dependent test case works?
Sample TestNG Program for Hard Dependency(Positive Scenario)
Sample TestNG Program for Hard Dependency(Negative Scenario)
What is Soft Dependency(alwaysRun attribute)?
Sample TestNG Program for Soft Dependency(Positive Scenario)
Sample TestNG Program for Soft Dependency(Negative Scenario)
What is BeforeMethod Annotation ?
What is AfterMethod Annotation ?
Sample TestNG program using before and after method annotation
What is BeforeClass Annotation ?
What is AfterClass Annotation ?
Sample TestNG program using before and after class annotation
Importance of XML file configuration
How to execute Multiple test case(Batch Execution/Test Suite) ?
How you rerun the failed testcases using testng-failed.xml file?
How to Group the TestNG Test Cases? (Before and after Suite)
TestNG Console Report
How To Generate and View E-mailable Report In TestNG?
How To Generate Index File In TestNG?
What are Assertions in TestNG?
What is the Reporter Class in TestNG?
Sample TestNG program using Reporter Class
What is TestNG Asserts?
What is Hard Assert?
What is Soft Assert?
Sample TestNG program using Asserts
What is Cross-Browser Testing?
Why to use Cross-Browser Testing?
Sample TestNG test case for cross browser testing
What is Parallel Testing?
Why to use Parallel Testing?
Advantages of Parallel Testing
Disadvantages of Parallel Testing
Sample TestNG test case for Parallel Testing
What is Multithreading?
Sample TestNG test case for Parallel Testing and Threading Concept
What are the TestNG Parameters?
Sample TestNG program using Parameters Annotation
What are TestNG Listeners?
Types of TestNG Listeners
How to implement ITestListener in TestNG?
How to implement IReporter in TestNG?
How you rerun the failed testcases?
How you run same test for 10 times in testNG ?
How to create the properties File?
How to use property files concept in the framework
What is the Page Object Model (POM)?
Why do we need a Page Object Model?
What are the advantages of the Page Object Model?
How to implement the Page Object Model in Selenium?
What is Page Factory in Selenium?
Types of POM implementation
POM Implementation without PageFactory
POM Implementation with PageFactory
Difference between Page Factory and Fage Object Model
How to create Test data ?
How to create excel utilities?
How to read or import data from the excel sheet?
How to write or export data to the excel sheet?
Execution of multiple rows of data
What are DataProviders in TestNG?
Sample TestNG program using DataProviders Annotation
How to include Extends report to the TestNG ?
How to customize the Extends report for capturing the screenshot ?
Introduction to Log4J
Usage of Log4J

Module 8 : NXTGEN Test Automation Framework [5 Topics]

Explanation of NxtGen AI Hybrid framework
Executing the automation test case and understanding about the framework.
Fixing the failed test cases in the existing framework (Page Factory Model)
Adding new test case requirements to the existing framework
Debugging the failed test cases

Module 9 - Git and GitHub [9 Topics]

What is GitHub?
Advantages and Features of GitHub
GitHub vs Git
Creating GitHub Account
Creating GitHub Repository
Clone Github Repository in Eclipse
Committing the code to Github
Pull the code from Github
Repository settings in Github

Module 10 - DevOps and Jenkins [27 Topics]

What is DevOps?
Why DevOps is Needed?
DevOps Architecture
DevOps Advantages
DevOps Disadvantages
What is Continuous Integration?
What is Continuous Testing?
What is Continuous Deployment?
What is Continuous Delivery?
What is Jenkins?
Jenkins Installation
Apache Maven Setup
Jenkins Configuration
Source Code Management
Build Triggers
Build Environment
Pre Steps
Post Steps
E-mail Notification
Post Build
Creating Freestyle Project and execute it
Creating Maven Project and executing it
Github and Jenkins Integration
Execution on Maven Project manually
Execution on Maven Project using Periodically
Execution on Maven Project using Poll SCM
Publishing the Reports

Module 11 - Cucumber BDD Framework [31 Topics]

Introduction to BDD
Why BDD?
Gherkin Language Keywords
Cucumber Framework Setup
What is Cucumber Feature File?
What is Step Definition?
What is JUnit Test Runner Class?
Creating sample feature file for banking application for positive Scenario
Creating sample feature file for banking application for negative Scenario
Selenium Code Implementation in above examples
Use of Background Keyword
Passing input values from feature file
Passing multiple values under a single variable.
Parameterization using Tables
Create multiple feature file for batch execution
What is Cucumber Options?
What is dryRun?
What is features?
What is glue?
What is Tags?
What is monochrome?
What is format?
What is strict?
Sample Scenario to explain tag concept using smoke , sanity and regression testing
Creation of Multiple Feature files for Banking Money transfer scenario
Use of @Before and @After annotations
Hooks with tag concept
How to generate cucumber html report?
How to generate cucumber json report?
How to generate cucumber xml report?
Command Line Options

Module 12 - Project Management [14 Topics]

Types of Automation Escalations
Solutions for project Escalations
How to get best ratings during appraisals?
How to get best ratings during appraisals?
How to Calculate Automation Estimation ?
How to Calculate Return of Investment(ROI)?
How to determine Scope of Test Automation?
How to do Feasibility Analysis ?
How to choose Appropriate Automation Tool ?
How to create the Test Plan, Test Design and Test Strategy?
How to do Environment setup?
Approach for Test Script Development
Approach for Automation Execution
How to analyze the Analysis of Test Results?

Module 13 - Selenium WebDriver 4 [23 Topics]

What is W3C Standard Protocol?
Advantages of W3C Standard Protocol
Sample Automation Test Suite Demo using Selenium 3
Sample Automation Test Suite Demo using Selenium 4
Wait statement for Implicitly statement
Wait statement for Explicit statement
Wait statement for Fluent statement
Wait statement for Page Load Timeout
WebDriverManager setup for Chrome Browser
WebDriverManager setup for Firefox Browser
WebDriverManager setup for Edge Browser
WebDriverManager setup for Specific version of Browser
Overview of 8 locators
Relative locators using below method
Relative locators using above method
Relative locators using toLeftOf method
Relative locators using toRightOf method
Relative locators using near method
How to handle authentication?
How to take full page screenshot
How to use Emulate Geo Location?
How to use Emulate Device Mode?
How to Collect Performance Metrics?

Module 14- Automation Using Dockers [17 Topics]

What is Virtual Machine?
What are the issues in dedicated machine?
What is containerization engine?
What is Docker?
Version issues in deployment
Docker Architecture
What is Image?
What is Client?
What is Host?
What is Registry?
What is containers?
What is Hub?
Docker setup
Installation of required images
Creating the contains for selenium grid
Selenium Grid Code for docker
Execute the selenium grid chrome and Firefox parallelly