Cypress Self Paced Video Course Curriculum

This course consists of the following modules: 

      1. JavaScript 
      2. Cypress Automation GUI & API 

Module 1 : Java Script

What is JavaScript
Why to Learn JavaScript?
Features of JavaScript Programming
Applications of JavaScript Programming
JavaScript First Program
JavaScript Comment
Types of JavaScript Comments
JavaScript Variable
Naming Conventions
String Primitive Data Type
Number Primitive Data Type
Boolean Primitive Data Type
Undefined Primitive Data Type
Null Primitive Data Type
Arithmetic Operator
Comparison (Relational) Operators
Logical Operator
Assignment Operator
Unary Operators
Conditional Operator
typeof Operator
if statement
if-else statement
if-else-if ladder
switch statement
for loop and for each
while loop
do-while loop
infinity loop
What is JavaScript Function?
Advantage of JavaScript function
Function Definition
Calling a Function
Function Parameters
The return Statement
Scope of Global Variables
Scope of Local Variables
What is var?
What is let?
What is const?


Module 2 - Cypress Automation for GUI & API

Cypress Introduction
Features of Cypress
Architecture of Cypress
Installing Cypress
Explanation of the folder structure
Sample Execution of existing test files
Syntax of the test body
Object Identification mechanism
Types of CSS and Xpath Selectors (selectors hub use)
First Cypress Program
How to handle browser?
How to handle browser Navigation?
How to handle Text box and button?
How to handle checkbox?
How to handle radio button
How to debug step by step?
How to handle dropdown?
How to handle dynamic dropdown?
How to handle multi select dropdown?
How to handle image?
How to validate the text message?
How to handle authentication?
How to handle mouse events ?
How to handle keyboard events?
How to handle alert popup?
How to handle iframes?
How to handle multiple browser and tabs?
How to handle dynamic webtable?
How to handle calendar or date picker?
Page Object Model
Grouping and Tagging Concepts
Parallel Execution, Rerun failed test cases
Record and playback method
Hooks Concepts
Taking screenshot and Video recordings
Parametrization of Test Cases
Data driven framework
Introduction to API Testing, Swagger App and end to end flow manually
API Automation of all 5 HTTP methods using Cypress