Our Company Vision

“Learn with Clarity” is the motto of the Vinoth Q.A. Academy.
Educating quality assurance skill set in line with industry standards is our Academy’s goals.
On top of that, we ensures that everyone is up-to-date on the most recent IT trends.

About Us

Our academy has provided training to over 2000+ associates worldwide in QA automation tools.
Proficiently instructing on Udemy with over 150,000+ learners and 15,000+ YouTube subscribers.
Operating with consistent success for more than 5+ years.

Why Self Paced Video Course?

Enrolling in a self-paced video course offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
This mode of learning is ideal for busy professionals and students with diverse commitments, as it provides access to high-quality, expert-led content anytime and anywhere.

Cypress using JavaScript

999 Life Time Access
  • Java Script Module
  • Cypress GUI & API
  • Interview Questions
  • Assignments & Quiz
  • Assessment
  • Materials

Selenium using Java

999 Life Time Access
  • Free Functional Testing
  • 8 Automation Modules
  • Interview Questions
  • Assignments & Quiz
  • Assessment
  • Materials

Playwright using JavaScript

999 Life Time Access
  • Java Script Module
  • Playwright GUI & API
  • Interview Questions
  • Assignments & Quiz
  • Assessment
  • Materials

What makes this Course Unique?

Top 5 Features

Anyone Can Code !

Without any IT experience or programming background, anyone can learn QA automation tools with the right guidance and hard work. Our course is designed so that anyone can start learn automation skills, even if they have never programmed before. Beginning from scratch and using simple examples, all the topics are taught.

One-On-One Support

As a newbie to coding, you no need to worry about technical issues or errors.
The issue has to be communicated to me via WhatsApp. It will be resolved as early as possible. For more complicated issues. I will schedule a Zoom meeting with you and resolve the issue myself.

Code Review as per Industrial Standards

Every assignment will be evaluated in line with the checklist used in the IT industry (Automation Team).  The candidates will get feedback that they can use to make their projects better.
This process will help the candidate in coding as experienced resources after they join the automation project.

Interview Questions and Answers

The key to winning the interview is providing appropriate answers to the questions.
Our interview questions and answers are carefully selected to reflect industry trends, ensuring you are well-prepared.

Resume Preparation

Based on the results of the assignments, MCQ score, and previous experience. Accordingly, the resume will be prepared. Whether to apply for the automation jobs entirely as an automation candidate (to receive a high salary) or combined experience with manual testing (to avoid advanced automation questions during interview)

Placed Students and Online Training Feedback!!!


A self-paced video course is an online learning program where you can watch video lessons and complete assignments at your own convenience, without a fixed schedule. This allows you to learn at your own speed, whenever it suits you best.

The materials and video recordings will be accessible for life time. Unlimited access without expiration

The access will be given to Canvas Portal. This portal is widely used by University Students. All the materials, videos and quiz can be viewed in this portal. Its a life term access

It will be provided to the candidates who complete all of the course’s assignments and quizzes.

You can do the payment either using GPay or PhonePe (+91-6383544892) or Internet Banking. WhatsApp me for the bank account details.

After the payment is completed, please share me the screenshot to get the course access.

We used to receive frequent information from the current members about automation job vacancies in their projects. These details will undoubtedly be shared in the WhatsApp group. Candidates can go to those interviews at their convenience.

Vinoth QA Academy is technical training company. hence, the experience letter is unavailable.