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The validity period is measured from the date of payment. The candidate will start attending interviews at various IT companies after the mock interview. Some candidates succeed in the interview on their first try, while others take more chances. The candidate must now provide us with their interview questions. We will formulate answers to those questions.

The Selenium Automation Framework was developed exactly how it will be used in projects involving real-time automation. The framework now includes more than 50 automation test cases. The current framework will be used for the three levels of training.

Level 1 : Executing the automation test case and understanding about the framework.

Level 2 : Fixing the failed test cases in the existing framework (Page Factory Model)

Level 3 : Adding new test case requirements to the existing framework.

After successfully completing each of these three stages. even if the candidate has no previous experience with automation. They will find it simple to discuss the framework and excel the interview.

Every assignment will be evaluated in line with the checklist used in the IT industry (Automation team). The candidates will receive feedback so they can update their assignments.

When the candidate joins the automation project, this procedure will help them code like experienced resources.

The completion of all assignments, the online quiz, the MCQ, and the 3 levels of the framework are requirements before beginning the resume preparation and mock interview.

Based on the results of the assignments, the 3 levels of framework implementation, the MCQ score, and previous experience. Accordingly, the resume will be prepared. Whether to apply for the project entirely as an automation candidate (to receive a high salary) or to combined experience with manual testing (to avoid advanced automation questions during interview)

Based on the completion of the resume, the candidate will be guided on how to attend the interview. Since the interview questions have already been posted, those will be utilized in the mock interview.

We’ll use video conferencing to conduct the mock interview.

The candidate will receive feedback at the end so they can avoid repeating the same mistakes in future interviews.

Software installation is a challenging process for beginners. The candidate will experience numerous errors both during setup and coding.

During that time, one-on-one support will be provided to solve all of those issues.

Self-paced learning means you can learn in your own time and schedule. You don’t need to complete the same assignments or learn at the same time as others. You can proceed from one topic or segment to the next at your speed. 

The candidates will be preparing with the help of pre-recorded videos.


The materials and video recordings will be accessible for life time

It will be provided to the candidates who complete all of the course’s assignments and quizzes.

We used to receive frequent information from the current members about automation job vacancies in their projects. These details will undoubtedly be shared in the WhatsApp group. Candidates can go to those interviews at their convenience.

NXTGEN AI Academy is technical training company. hence, the experience letter is unavailable.

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