Python is programming language used by wide range of fields such as Data science, Automation, Chat Bots, Web Development etc,. In this course we will learn 173 topics with practical examples and reverse KT will be done day wise. At the end of this course, you will be in a position to write python programming and have capability to learn advanced python library by yourself and works in python related projects.(Data Science , Automation , Chatbots etc.)

Total Course Duration – 14 Hours. (2 hours/Day)

Day 1

Introduction to Python
How to choose Python IDE and Installation Steps
Overview of Jupyter Notebook and Python Programming Basics
Identifiers and Keywords

Day 2

Python Variables
Python Numbers and Arithmetic Operators
Comparison and Logical Operators
Assignment and Bitwise Operators
Identity and Membership Operators

Day 3

if and if else Statement
if..elif..else and nested if Statement
Python For Loop Statement

Day 4

Python While Loop Statement
Python Break and Continue Statement
Python Lists and Methods
Python Tuples and Methods

Day 5

Python Strings and Methods
Python Dictionary and Methods

Day 6

Introduction to Python Functions
Python Function Arguments
Recursion Function
Lambda Function

Day 7

Python – Modules
Python – Files I/O
Python – Exceptions Handling
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